PitchBook – Edda Integration: Now Available

All venture capital funds hire highly skilled people to copy-paste data and maintain an updated dealflow database. If you recognize your company in the first sentence, have no worries, you are not the only one. Many investors do the same. But not the best performing investors. 

When it comes to companies’ research, data collection and reporting, the amount of admin work is piling up. Therefore, in our continuous endeavor to bring you the most valuable solutions, we are sharing a common practice of the best performing investors – data entry automation.  

We are introducing the PitchBook – Edda integration.

PitchBook is a financial data and software company. Pitchbook provides thousands of businesses and investors with comprehensive data on private markets. One of their main aims is to help investors discover and execute opportunities with confidence and in a time-efficient manner.

Edda customers will now have access to more private market data than anyone else. For instance, they will be able to choose Pitchbook, amongst our other integrated sources and databases, to quickly pull information on any potentially interesting company. And the best thing about it- the process is very simple and it takes only a few seconds and clicks.

How Does PitchBook – Edda Integration Work?

As said, the process for leveraging the access to PitchBook from Edda deal-flow platform is effortless and time-efficient:

  1. Login to the deal-flow platform and start adding the new companies to you pipeline.
  2. As you start typing the company name the system is automatically going to offer you the choice of data sources. Pick the preferred one to pull the company data from.
  3. Click on your preferred data source and the company will be added to your pipeline. At the same time all available data from the source will be populated in the company card.

Below, you can take a look at the entire process:

Finally, if you would like to find out more, schedule a demo and see how Kushim can help you out in finding your next investment unicorn.

Moreover, Pitchbook offers 10 free credits for all investors that request a demo and a trial on our website.


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