Revolutionizing Venture Capital Workflows with Relationship Intelligence

The year has been a significant one for the venture capital industry on a global scale, transitioning from the boom of 2021 to a quieter phase. However, this shift has sparked new opportunities for learning and invention, notably from the ones who have consistently demonstrated success in investments across fluctuating market circumstances.

What is the key to their success?

Leading venture capital firms consistently distinguish themselves through three primary traits: They cultivate robust, meaningful relationships with their existing contacts, always prioritize the quality of dealflow over sheer quantity irrespective of the unpredictable tides of the market, and deftly manage an ever-expanding network of potentially fruitful connections.

Relationship Intelligence as a Competitive Advantage

At the heart of these traits lies the principle of relationship intelligence, a key competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving investment landscape. Relationship intelligence is all about harnessing data from various interactions to create meaningful, actionable insights. Emphasizing this crucial factor allows these firms to remain agile, relevant, and ahead of the curve.

Transforming VC Workflows Through Relationship Intelligence

Below are the primary workflows where relationship intelligence becomes crucial, granting successful firms their competitive advantage:

Workflow #1: Enhancing Deal Sourcing Through ‘Data Exhaust’

In the preceding year, venture capital firms added an average of 41 opportunities to their dealflow each month. Relationship intelligence significantly upgrades the process of spotting the most promising opportunities by amalgamating and enriching research data.

Top venture capitalists harness ‘data exhaust,’ or information created through email and meeting communications, to gauge the strength of each connection. Consequently, even a less experienced team member can pinpoint warm introductions for prospective deals, granting the firm a competitive edge.

Workflow #2: Ensuring No Data Slips Through During Due Diligence

With a slowdown in venture capital-backed exits, firms now have additional time for due diligence. Relationship intelligence assists in aggregating data from various sources, transforming it into actionable insights.

Leading venture capitalists now establish a direct connection between their CRM, browser, and emails using relationship intelligence. This facilitates near-instantaneous updating of due diligence records, whether it’s an email thread discussing new company financials or market updates from a founder’s LinkedIn page.

Workflow #3: Streamlining Relationship Priorities for Effective Deal Management

With a close to 25% rise in meetings in 2022 compared to the previous year, managing deals has become increasingly intricate. Relationship intelligence aids in handling this ‘data exhaust,’ averting redundant work and preserving the firm’s reputation.

Leading venture capitalists are automating reminders based on relationship strength to maintain contact with essential individuals. All interactions are documented, ensuring the entire team stays updated and the firm’s relationships are well-managed.

Workflow #4: Proactive Portfolio Management

The collective network of your team is paramount to the requirements of your portfolio companies, particularly during exits or IPOs. Relationship intelligence can identify warm and appropriate connections for portfolio companies based on specific criteria.

By centralizing and integrating data, dealmakers can actively manage portfolios, monitor growth metrics, and detect signs of downturns before quarterly reporting periods. Automated reminders guarantee firms can provide the right level of support to different companies.

Workflow #5: Constructing an Effective Shortlist for Fundraising

During fundraising, focusing on the most probable investors is vital. Relationship Intelligence facilitates this by using engagement history, notes, and enriched data to shortlist the most promising investors.

The leading venture capitalists utilize relationship intelligence to track investment status and engagement throughout the fundraising process. This provides insights on where to best devote time and resources as conditions change.

The era of relationship intelligence has arrived, triggering a revolution in venture capital workflows. It’s time to ride this wave of transformation towards enhanced efficiency, productivity, and success.

Leveraging Relationship Intelligence with Edda

Leveraging Edda’s software, VC firms can efficiently manage dealflow, support portfolio companies, track performance in real-time, and facilitate the raising of their next fund. Here’s how:


Centralization lies at the core of Edda’s relationship intelligence approach. By consolidating all investment-related data in one centralized platform, Edda provides a holistic view of relationships, deals, and portfolios. This centralization allows investment firms to gain deeper insights into their network connections and leverage relationship data to drive better outcomes.


Recognizing that each investment firm has unique needs, Edda offers highly customizable features that can be tailored to fit specific workflows. Whether it’s customizing dealflow pipelines, metrics tracking, or reporting structures, Edda enables investment firms to adapt the software to their specific relationship management requirements.


By automating routine tasks and processes, such as data capturing, report generation, and metric updates, Edda frees up valuable time for investment professionals to focus on building and nurturing relationships. This automation not only improves efficiency but also ensures that important relationship-related activities are consistently tracked and managed.

The importance of relationship intelligence in enhancing the performance of VC firms, even amidst an economic downturn, cannot be overstated. With a tool like Edda, VC firms are equipped to navigate the complexities of their workflows with greater efficiency and precision. 

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