VC Monday Meetings reshaped by tech

Monday, besides being the least appreciated and most hectic day of the week, it is actually quite an exciting day for VCs. The VC Monday meetings are attended by the General Partners along with the investment team. The main purpose is for VCs to make decisions regarding new as well as existing companies in the dealflow.

The duration of the morning VC Monday meetings depends on the number of companies pitching to VCs. Usually, startups have to present a 40-45 slide deck under 45-50 minutes to VCs. Overall, the duration of Monday morning meetings can range from 3 hours to as long as 6.5 hours.  

Admin Work – the mood killer

Now there is one character that acts like the adrenaline killer for VC Monday morning meetings. This character is none other than the Administrative Work. Namely, Analysts and Associates have to spend countless hours putting the data from the companies under consideration into powerpoint. This data consists of a brief introduction about the company, its business, industry and the associated metrics. 

The pain doesn’t end here as they have to take notes about the minutes of the meeting for auditory purposes as well as make a note of the next tasks. Therefore, there is a lot of admin work which has to be done before, during and after the VC Monday meetings. There are numerous tools out there to make the life of VCs easier with regards to optimization of their internal business process. However, before making a decision, VCs should think about the level of integration, these tools can provide.   

There is so much valuable time that can be spent elsewhere is wasted on the admin work. So, after addressing the boring elephant in the room, let’s talk about how you can redefine your Monday morning meetings. The dealflow section of Kushim Suite for VCs features an interactive and customizable dashboard that includes a special feature built in specifically to optimize Monday morning meetings.

Meet Dealflow Review

The dealflow review is a feature that eliminates the need to spend hours making powerpoint presentations while switching countless times between powerpoint and excel. All data about different companies in each stage of investment cycle along with the metrics is already present, so the dealflow review automatically takes all the data and creates a presentation. With just a click you can select the appropriate stages you want to review- watchlist, new, first meeting or due diligence and commence the presentation.

Real Time Response

Not only does the dealflow review simplify the admin work related to presentation, it also provides comment and task feature. You can make a decision whether to take the company to the next stage of investment or reject it during the presentation. As a result, the change will be reflected in your dealflow once you finish the review process. 

What is more is the ability to assign the company to one of your team members and also assign a task which can be to ask the company for more metrics or data about new contracts they have procured. Additionally, you can also put in some comments for internal references using the “Add a comment” section. 

Automatic Post Meeting Report Generation

Post VC Monday Meetings automatic report

When you click on the stop button to stop the review, you get the option to save the presentation. All saved meetings can be accessed from the “Committee” tab where you get two files saved per meeting. Both can be exported to PDF.  The first report contains the slides of all companies that were reviewed along with their metrics and comments that were made during the review. The second one is the task list of your team members specifying which companies they are assigned to and their task. 

Unlimited Storage

The dealflow review makes sure that you don’t have to waste your precious time. Neither for creating presentation nor for worrying about anything you might miss to jot down during the Monday meeting review. The unlimited storage ensures that you don’t have to worry about running out of space. All your Monday meeting reports are stored under the committee section which you can download any time.

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